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State Of Emergency

This is a book that brings the Power of God to the fore in saving His people

in the most dire situations and circumstances of life. It’s one thing to serve a God

that keeps His own from all manner of evil, but how about when His own is in the eye

of the storm or in the midst of the flood of life? State of Emergency as a book opens the

eyes of God’s people to the level God is willing to go to intervene in the life of His people.

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Glorious Divine Intervention

This very book shows we serve a God that pays us double for our

trouble. No matter the attacks and misfortunes we face in the hands of the devil, God not

only comes through for His own, but gives His own victory in all battles of life, with a promotion

and blessing that makes His own never look or smell like what they have been through. He rescues,

intervenes and glorifies His people, no matter the evil brought upon them by the devil.

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Prayer Moves Mountain

The book Prayer Moves Mountain is a book that details the power and dominion avalable

to every Believer that invests in a life of prayer. God gave His people the weapon of prayer to

bring down His Supernatural Power to subdue the spirits contrary to His Will and Purpose for His

own upon the face of the earth. This book is rich with rhema on how and what it takes to move

the mountains of challenges in the life of Believers, to the point of reigning in dominion here on

earth as was ordained by the Father from the foundation of the world.

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Subsolar Designs

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Glorious Divine Intervention

Kingsley Ifedi

The Dancing Zodiac

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